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Isn't he SMEXY! ^_^ His expression is literally begging for a wallpaper. Here you go SE7EN-sama. *fangirl mode* Ooh, those lips...



"I'm so in love with you..." goes Crystal Kay's "Konna ni Chikaku de" in my head, the rising chorus and buoyant melody soaring with my feelings at the moment. I'm in love. With this manga. Koukou Debut! ^_^ Although the song is the ending theme for Nodame Cantabile anime, it is more than fitting as an ending for this series... (read the rest HERE!) ^_^
Honey & Clover I & II is now officially on my list of must-see anime in the slice of life genre. What started out as a trivial story spanned years of friendship, unrequited love, new romance, heartaches, hopes, dreams, and above all the quest to find the self amidst all this chaos. [READ COMPLETE REVIEW + SCREENCAPS & MEDIA HERE]

"I'd been wondering all these time...
..whether there's any meaning to a failed love.
Is it something that will disappear
the same as something that never existed?
Now I know.
There is a meaning.
There was a meaning... Right here."

[WALLPAPERS] Honey and Clover + review

Thank goodness I continued watching Honey and Clover. Admittedly the first two episodes failed to win me over. The art was different and took some time getting used to. Also, the character of Hagu turned me off at first. It was Morita, the resident eccentric, who kept me interested, so I tried watching again... (read the rest + wallpapers here).


[MANGA] Rurouni Kenshin vol 1 / Samurai X

Last night I was thinking about all the manga I wanted to read back in college (8 years ago?) - such as I's and Rurouni Kenshin - but were not able to. So feeling a little sentimental I decided to read volume one of RK... (read the rest of my post here)

sample scans:

[WALLPAPERS] Backstage Prince manga

While I'm at it... Backstage Prince wallpapers! ^_^ 

As usual, please don't upload/post these anywhere else. Just link back to my site please. :)


[WALLPAPERS] Kare Kano (spoiler alert!)

Ok, so I'm on a roll. Here are more wallpapers, this time from the manga Kare Kano (Kareshi Kanojo no Jijyo).


Again, please do not upload these anywhere else. Enjoy! ^_^

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